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              June 17th 2021

              Les petits tannants: A brand new TV show...

              Next winter on ICI TÉLÉ will be airing Les petits tannants, a highly entertaining brand-new family tv show produced by Sphere, adapted from the UK original concept of What would your kid...


              June 7th 2021

              Elles parlent aux animaux and Tatoueuses...


              June 1st 2021

              BGM celebrates diversity!



              Sphere Media is a leader in the creation, adaptation, production and distribution of television and cinematographic content.

              {sjtxt}{sjtxt}We offer high-quality productions for local and international markets, with projects in all genres, ranging from documentaries to feature films, including scripted television series, dramatic serials, game shows, magazine programs, variety shows, 2D animation, and digital projects.

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